Curtis Holland
Waterfront Lifeguard Instructor Trainer

Worked with American Red Cross as an instructor for24 years.

About the instructor Curtis Holland

My name is Curtis Holland, and I have been teaching Lifeguard Training and Lay responder CPR for about24 years and only plan to continue to do so. I have taught about35+ classes all over the east coast from the Cleveland area to Washington D.C. and would be willing to teach in your area if I am able.

My Background and training

I have been a lifeguard since 1999, receiving my certification at the age of 15, and started to work with Cleveland Heights Community Service as a lifeguard and a swim instructor for day camps. I made my first rescue here: a teenager maybe 13 or 14 jumped into the deep water and couldn't touch.

Because I was only 15 years old, the lifeguard position I wanted wasn't available to me, as I had to be 16 to take it. I used the Community Service job as job experience for when I turned 16 to get the job at Cumberland Pool.

Once I graduated from High School in 2003, I went to college at the University of Toledo (UT) from 2003 to 2007, returning every year to Cumberland Pool, and my favorite lifeguard position. During my education at UT, I became interested in teaching the Life guarding classes, instead of just being a lifeguard. It turns out that there was a Lifeguard Instructor (LGI) course available at UT. I took the class, excited to teach others to do my favorite job.

Once the class finished (it was a 35 hour course) I accepted a job at UT's Recreation Center teaching Lifeguard Training (LGT). The classes that I taught were weekend classes, running 4 hours on Friday, 9 hours on Saturday and 3 hours on Sunday for 2 weekends.

Once I graduated from UT, I started working out of Toledo, still teaching LGT, and enjoying every minute of it. I have recently accepted a new job at Beaconfire, in Arlington Virginia, as a web developer by day and a Lifeguard Instructor by night.